Hey there it’s been a while but I was super busy the last few weeks.  School started again and I still have to write my seminar paper and then I’ve also been in berlin which was a super nice trip 🙂 But nevertheless I’m here with a new recipe. Lately one of my fav breakfasts … Mehr Quinoa-Oatmeal

Vanilla Semolina Porridge + Mama Patscha Vanilla Protein Review

Before I’ll give you the recipe for one of my fav breakfast, besides oatmeal ofc, I want to give you a quick review of the new vanilla protein powder from mama patscha. I was one of the first persons to try it and I’m super happy about this and the fact that their team trusts me … Mehr Vanilla Semolina Porridge + Mama Patscha Vanilla Protein Review

Falafel bowl 

I know I know what you think.. is she crazy or what happened a savoury post appears.  It’s true that I don’t post my savoury foods very often but it is bc of the fact that I eat almost the same old simple things everyday and it doesn’t even bother me tbh. Just some good … Mehr Falafel bowl 

Sweet Quinoa bowl

Hey there, as promised I will come up with waaaay more recipes now🙈  This time it is a sweet quinoa breakfast bowl. As we all know you should never eat something you can not pronounce except quinoa you should eat quinoa 🙂 Quinoa is very nutritious, it is technically a pseudo-grain, so basically a ’seed‘. … Mehr Sweet Quinoa bowl

Chocolate Crêpes 

After being very busy with school and other important stuff, I have now some time to relax and create new recipes. Also summerholidays will begin in 2 weeks and I’m so excited. Next weekend I will be visiting prague and in my holidays I will spend a week in munich with a good friend of … Mehr Chocolate Crêpes 

Vegan French Toast

Hello there!  I’m back with a new breakfast recipe 🙂 And no it is not another kind of porridge or oatmeal but yes you read right it is for some epic VEGAN FRENCH TOAST !! I’m so in love with this, I made it 3-4 times last week and not only for breakfast 🙂 Here … Mehr Vegan French Toast